Reflections in the Future

Bluepharma 20 Years Exhibition

Bluepharma celebrates 20 years in 2021! 20 years that passed in a flash, full of achievements, the scope of this exhibition of photographs by Pedro Medeiros, whose genius captured these magnificent moments of Bluepharma's daily life.

On February 28, 2001, Bluepharma, Industria Farmacêutica S.A. was constituted, imbued with a strong sense of responsibility, an assertive attitude, and a focus on innovation.

Today, its administrators and founders take pride in having contributed to a greater democratisation of the consumption of medicinal products in the world. They are proud to have collaborated in the reduction and control of public expenditure. They dream every day and remain committed to research to meet the unmet needs in the area of health, sharing knowledge, building bridges and instilling more hope in the future every day.

This exhibition commemorating these 20 years puts an indelible mark on all these principles. In times of pandemic, we drop the mask, and with all the authenticity achieved by the telephoto lens, focused on People, Investment, Research and Quality, we give you a step-by-step presentation of the challenge posed in each procedure.

It also reveals the excellent collaboration that exists between everyone, as well as the perfect relationship between people and technologies found in the day-today life of Bluepharma. This exhibition also transports us to the happy connection between entrepreneurship and solutions and records a period of time well spent in achievement, joy, unity and a lot of effort.

Bluepharma began operations in 2001, with the acquisition of an industrial unit from the multinational Bayer, which employed 58 people at the time. In 20 years, Bluepharma has become a group of 20 companies employing about 750 people, 260 of whom work in Research and Development activities.

The Group has opened branches in Spain, Angola, Mozambique and the USA. It exports 88% of what it produces and is one of the 1,000 largest companies operating in Portugal, ranking among the largest domestic exporters.

This exhibition of photographs can also be seen as a dynamic and didactic display of the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry, from Research & Development to production and packaging, including quality control and the distribution of medicines.

To show the evolution of Bluepharma present in the entire drug value chain, on March 1 we opened a photo exhibition entitled “Reflexes no Futuro”, which features current images of our employees, in the various areas of activity of the company, captured by artistic look of the renowned photographer Pedro Medeiros.

Paulo Barradas Rebelo President
Fotógrafo Pedro Medeiros


Pedro Medeiros

Born in February 1969.

Between 1993 and 1999, he was a member of the Centre for Photography Studies and Photography Meetings of Coimbra.

In 1997 he joined Ar.Co – Centre for Art and Visual Communication and the MauMaus School of Photography in Lisbon, continuing his studies in England at the London College of Printing (2000-2001), as Fellow of the Ministry of Culture / Portuguese Centre of Photography.

Freelance photographer since 1999. He lived and worked in Kyoto, Japan, between 2015 and 2017.

He has exhibited since 1997, having held exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, England, United States of America, Greece, Ukraine, and Japan.

He is the author of several books and monographs, and his works are included in various public and private collections.