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20th Anniversary

We are celebrating Bluepharma´s 20th anniversary and even in the context of a pandemic we could not fail to celebrate such an important date, so we brought this celebration to digital format with the livestream event "Bluepharma 20 Years".

We begin by evoking two decades of growth. 20 years that have made the Bluepharma Group one of the most enterprising and innovative in the pharmaceutical sector, having already achieved remarkable national and international prestige. We started as an industrial unit of 58 people focused on the national market and grew until we became a pharmaceutical group of 20 companies, with around 700 employees, which has offices in 4 countries (Spain, Angola, Mozambique and the USA) and exports 88% of its production to more than 40 countries.

To show the evolution of Bluepharma present in the entire drug value chain, on March 1 we opened a photo exhibition entitled "Reflections in the Future", which features current images of our employees, in the various areas of activity of the company, captured by artistic look of the renowned photographer Pedro Medeiros.

It is an itinerant exhibition, which will be first at the Pharmacy Museum of Lisbon, then on to the Pharmacy Museum of Porto and, later, at the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra. The exhibition can be visited in person, as soon as the evolution of the pandemic situation allows.

To evoke this special date, we inaugurated this exhibition, with the testimonies of the Management of Bluepharma, as well as of two long-standing partners, Paulo Cleto Duarte, President of the National Pharmacy Association and Amílcar Falcão, Dean of the University of Coimbra. The latter joined us at a very special moment for the University, since precisely on this 1st of March, the Academy of Coimbra celebrated 731 years.

But in this special year it is also important to look to the future. If not for the next 20 years, at least for the next 10. And Bluepharma's vision is clear: laying the foundations to accelerate growth in a sustained manner. One of the projects is to create the Bluepharma Park, the largest technological park in the pharmaceutical cluster, at a national level that will reinforce the national pharmaceutical role in the world.

To debate the importance of assuming a greater role at the international level, the celebrations of the 20 years included a round table dedicated to "Pharmaceutical development: from Portugal to the world". Two protagonists of the health sector in Portugal participated in this conversation, the former Ministers of Health, Maria de Belém Roseira and Adalberto Campos Fernandes. Bluepharma´s President, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, joined the conversation to affirm Bluepharma as part of the solution for the next challenges in the pharmaceutical sector, both nationally and internationally.

We are counting on you at Bluepharma's 20th anniversary celebrations.

2021 is a special year, Bluepharma is celebrating 20 years!

Watch the video, in Portuguese, of our 20th anniversary ceremony, the “Bluepharma 20 Years” event that took place on March 1st.

Photographic Exhibition Bluepharma 20 Years

Bluepharma turns 20 in 2021! 20 years that have passed like a flash, full of achievements, like the exhibition that we present to you, by Pedro Medeiros, who with his genius captures these magnificent moments of Bluepharma's daily life.

Bluepharma and University of Coimbra

Partners for 20 years! Bluepharma and the University of Coimbra shared yet another joint celebration. The 731 years of the University of Coimbra and the 20 years of Bluepharma.

Bluepharma Group

The Bluepharma Group is today one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative in the pharmaceutical sector, having already achieved a remarkable prestige not only in Portugal, but also in the most demanding international markets.

Throughout its 20 years, Bluepharma has transformed an industrial unit that employs 58 people, in an pharmaceutical group of 20 companies and has more than 700 employees. It has opened offices in 4 countries (Spain, Angola, Mozambique and USA) and and exports 88% of its production to more than 40 countries.

Bluepharma's activity goes through the entire value chain of the drug, from R&D to the market, imposing itself for the excellence of its production unit, the quality and training of its employees and the experience and dynamism of its management team.