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Management Board

Bluepharma is led by a team of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs with broad experience in the pharmaceutical business.

Paulo Barradas Rebelo


With an academic degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Post-Graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Management, he has assumed various leadership roles in entities operating in the pharmaceutical area, namely in the National Pharmacies' Association and National Pharmaceutical College. Furthermore, he was also a Technical Director and owner of pharmacies established in central Portugal and Director of Farbeira – a distribution co-op.

In 2001, he led a group of professionals that launched Bluepharma, after acquiring the industrial facilities previously owned by the multinational company Bayer, in Coimbra. His role was instrumental in defining the strategic path that led to the company's turn-around performance.

Aside from managing other companies, he is currently the chairman and Executive President of Bluepharma and Bluepharma Genéricos. He is also a member of Luzitin´s and A2B's administrative board.

Maria Isolina Mesquita


With a degree in German and English Philology and a Post-graduate degree in European Law and Economics, both granted by the University of Coimbra, she is highly experienced in industrial management.

Her career has from early on been linked to Bayer, where she undertook several and progressively larger responsibilities, which helped her acquire solid expertise in the different aspects of running an industry. Having joined the company as a trainee, she later received formal training for two years in the company's headquarters in Germany. In 1990 she assumed the duties of General Director of Bayer's industrial unit in Coimbra. In 2001, her role was instrumental in managing the the transition from Bayer to the current Bluepharma, having contributed towards bringing together the german knowledge and accuracy and the dynamism of the new managing team.

With Bluepharma's launch, she became Head of Operations and is currently its Vice-President.

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Sérgio Simões


Sérgio Simões has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a Master degree in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

He is currently the Head of Product and Business Development at Bluepharma and its Vice-President. He is also the Chairman of Luzitin. He has published more than 100 SCI journal papers, 7 book chapters and he is the author/co-author of 240 presentations in international conferences and workshops. Over the last years, he has conducted several research projects in the field of Biotechnology and gained significant expertise on the development, industrial technology transfer and manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms for the European market.

He is founder/share-holder of other companies related to research, development and production of medicines, such as Pharmagen and Treat U.

Miguel Silvestre


Miguel Silvestre has a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences by the University of Coimbra.

He is a Board Member of Bluepharma SGPS, S.A. and Bluepharma Genéricos – Comércio de Medicamentos, S.A., an activity he carries out while also being the Chairman of the Board of Plural – Cooperativa Farmacêutica Crl. Currently, he is president of MONAF - Montepio Nacional da Farmácia - Associação de Socorros Mútuos and managing partner of Farmácia de Celas, in Coimbra. His extensive business experience is also noticeable in his involvement as a Board Member of A2B SGPS, S.A. and as a managing partner of MMS Investimentos SGPS Lda. and Salty, Lda. Since February 2016, he is president of the National Pharmaceutical Council of the Pharmacists Order.

Along with key positions held in companies that span over several sectors of activity, he was also an active member of the governing body of the National Association of Pharmacies, presiding over the Delegation of the Centre from 2000 to 2014.

Executive Comission

Bluepharma is led by a team of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs with broad experience in the pharmaceutical business.

Paulo Barradas Rebelo

Paulo Barradas Rebelo

Chief Executive Officer

Paulo Barradas Rebelo

Maria Isolina Mesquita

Vice-President Operations

Paulo Barradas Rebelo

Sérgio Simões

Head of Product and Business Development at Bluepharma and its Vice-President

Paulo Barradas Rebelo

Miguel Silvestre

Member of the Board

Management Team

At our heart there is a team of skilled professionals, committed to fulfilling our customers' expectations.

Teresa Murta

Qualified Person / Head of Product Quality & Compliance

Sofia Ferreira

Head of Planning and Production

Cláudia Gama

Head of Quality Control

Ana Jerónimo

Head of Business Development

Sonia Alfar

Head of Galenical and Analytical Development

Sérgio Boticário

Head of IT

Catarina Xavier

Chief Financial Officer

Cláudia Silva

Chief Scientific Officer

Margarida Carvalho

Head of Quality Management

Governance Bodies

Bluepharma Indústria

Company's Registration

Bluepharma Indústria Farmacêutica, SA

Cimo de Fala – S. Martinho do Bispo, freguesia de S. Martinho do Bispo, concelho de Coimbra

Registered in Coimbra, Portugal under no. 8537

VAT: 505 282 801

Share capital: 1.625.000

General Assembly

Miguel Nuno Pereira Monteiro

Ana Isabel Oliveira Rebelo

Management Board

Paulo Barradas Rebelo

Miguel Silvestre

Maria Isolina Mesquita

Sérgio Simões

Statutory Auditor:

PricewaterhouseCoopers & Associados - Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas, Lda., here represented by:

Ana Maria Bertão
Enrolled at the College of Auditors under no. 902

José Manuel Bernardo
Enrolled at the College of Auditors under no. 903