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About us

Bluepharma is a Portuguese capital pharmaceutical company, based in Coimbra. Bluepharma initiated its activity in February 2001, when a group of professionals, connected with the pharmaceutical industry, bought a state-of-the-art industrial unit from the German giant, Bayer.

With eyes set on the future, Bluepharma concentrates its efforts on the manufacturing, development and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs. With over 30 years of experience in producing pharmaceutical products, we guarantee standards of the highest quality, based on the know-how of our technical staff, and vision and dynamism of our management team.

Bluepharma's location in the city of Coimbra, Portugal – best known for its University, with over 700 years of history, and its excellence in science– represents one of its most significant strategic assets. By establishing partnerships with the most prominent local and international research centers and multinational pharmaceutical companies, Bluepharma faces the future with determination, and with the belief that our clients will continue to trust our services.

Bluepharma's activities are carried out in 3 distinct areas:

  • Producing pharmaceutical drugs for Bluepharma and other companies;
  • Research, development and registration of pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Marketing of generic pharmaceuticals.

Bluepharma is committed to improving the country's economic conditions and access to healthcare, offering a better quality of life. From the early stages, Bluepharma has opted for producing its own portfolio of pharmaceutical drugs.

Our mission is to offer pharmaceutical products of the highest quality at competitive prices, contributing to the rationalization of expenses in the health sector and simultaneously to the improvement of the life quality of populations.

Quality Policies

Bluepharma is committed to systematically ensuring the quality of manufactured and distributed medicinal products; to respecting the environment as well as safeguarding the working conditions of its employees. This is achieved through the implementation of a Quality, Environment, Health and Safety System, supported by ISO Norms 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, by the Good Manufacturing Practices and by other applicable legislation.

Bluepharma is strongly invested in evaluating and monitoring all Quality, Environment Occupational Health and Safety goals, outlined in the beginning of each year, as well as to make it public to its employees. The policies are made possible through the individual development of each employee along with a group work, which focuses on defining, revising, approving and implementing new and more ambitious goals for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.

Mission & Ethics

Our mission is to market pharmaceutical products of the highest quality at competitive prices, contributing for the rationalization of expenses in the health sector and simultaneously to the improvement of the life quality of populations.

15 years, 15 achievements

In virtue of its performance, and despite its youth, Bluepharma has had several marks in its history of achievements:

  • In 2001 a group of professionals related to the pharmaceutical sector acquires the industrial unit from German multinational giant – Bayer -, thus launching Bluepharma's activity;
  • The R&D department is inaugurated in 2003, the same year the company received the Almofariz Award;
  • Also in 2003, and for the first time in Portugal, a pharmaceutical company accumulates combined certifications in quality (ISO 9001/2000), environment (ISO 14001/1999), safety and occupational health (OHSAS 18000);
  • In 2004 the company is awarded the European Regional Innovation Award, with the Project of the Year;
  • In 2005 it joins COTEC Portugal's network of Innovative Companies;
  • In 2008 it ranks 15th among the top 100 Portuguese companies that show a bigger investment effort in R&D;
  • In 2008 Bluepharma implements a new and ground-breaking business model in Bluepharma Genéricos;
  • In 2009 it obtains official approval by the FDA for the development of solid pharmaceutical forms, becoming the first Portuguese pharmaceutical company to export to the American market;
  • In 2010 it inaugurates its new industrial facilities and R&D center, an event presided by its Excelency, the President of the Portuguese Republic;
  • In 2010 it conquers the International Quality Award, a distinction granted internationally by the several chambers of commerce and embassies.