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Bluepharma was distinguished twice in the Infarmed 25+ Good Practices Prizes in the categories "Exports" and "Export of Generic Drugs"

16.01.2019 in Bluepharma

The event took place on January 15 and took place at the Auditório do Edifício Tomé Pires - Infarmed | Parque da Saúde de Lisboa

As part of the close to the commemoration of its 25 years of existence, INFARMED, I.P. organised the session Infarmed 25+ Good Practices Prizes on 15 January 2019, where projects and institutions that promote good practices in the Medicinal and Health Products sector were recognised.

The session at which the prizes were awarded was preceded by a conference entitled "Gerir ou liderar? A importância da Inteligência Emocional" (Manage or Lead? The Importance of Emotional Intelligence), given by Dr. Pedro Norton de Matos.

Bluepharma was distinguished twice in the Infarmed 25+ Good Practices Prizes in the categories "Exports" and "Export of Generic Drugs", at the ceremony inaugurating the commemorations of the 25th anniversary, participated in by the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), Dr. Guido Rasi; Chairwoman of the Governing Board of Infarmed, Dr. Maria do Céu Machado; the Secretary of State for Health, Dr. Rosa Matos; the Chairwoman of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), Dr. Belén Crespo; and the President of Bluepharma Group, Dr. Paulo Barradas Rebelo.

The audience of around 400 people included the Governing Board of Infarmed, Infarmed employees, and members of APIFARMA, APOGEN, ANF and AFP, plus other guests.

Infarmed, I.P. is the entity that regulates and supervises the medicinal and health products sector (medical devices and cosmetic products and body hygiene) in Portugal. One of its main roles is the inspection and licensing of 11181 entities linked to the area of medicinal and health products, over 2800 of which are pharmacists.

In order to verify the quality of the products within its jurisdiction, each year Infarmed gathers around 1200 medicinal products and 140 health products for analysis, which are then analysed in its highly specialised laboratory, which is part of the network of official control laboratories of the European Council, the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The laboratory is also accredited by the Portuguese Institute for Accreditation.

Infarmed is also one of the key agencies in regard to the evaluation of medicinal products, occupying 2nd place in Europe in the evaluation of orphan drugs (rare diseases) and the same position in the evaluation of paediatric medicinal products. Overall, it is one of the top 10 laboratories in the member states in the evaluation of medications.