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Bluepharma marks World Environment Day

05.06.2019 in Bluepharma

One of the actions of the Blue is Green project is the fight against plastic pollution

As part of the sustainability policy of Bluepharma, and within the framework of the internal program Bluelinks, which integrates, structures and dynamises the various initiatives that we promote socially, economically and environmentally, the internal project Blue is Green was created, which aims to promote various actions that contribute to "caring for the good health of the planet".

One of the actions of the Blue is Green project involves the fight against plastic pollution, with the main purpose of reducing the plastic waste generated internally, by creating an internal culture of responsible behaviours, with a genuine environmental concern.

Therefore, in June 2019, plastic cups were removed, and tap water filtering equipment was installed, replacing the water dispensers, which annually represented a consumption of about 3000 bottles and around 600,000 plastic cups at Bluepharma.

This follows up on the winning idea of the 11th Bluethink Challenge, which had as its authors the employees Ana Rita Valadares and André Gaspar.

We recall that in the face of the various existing threats, the consequences of devastation and ecological imbalance, financial crises and enormous social inequalities, more than ever, sustainability is now a responsibility of everyone.

We believe that it is the small gestures that trigger great actions, and that together we will take the Blue is Green project even further!

With these initiatives, and with the contribution of its employees, Bluepharma wants to continue "caring for the good health of the planet."