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Innovation Award Bluepharma | University of Coimbra: New Deadline for Applications

27.02.2020 in Bluepharma

Deadline for applications was extended until March 16th

Deadline for applications for the Innovation Award Bluepharma | University of Coimbra was extended until Monday,March 16th.

The Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Innovation Award aims to distinguish excellence scientific research at an international level. Bluepharma joins once again University of Coimbra to award innovative projects in the Health Sciences field.

Applications are still open until Monday, March 16th and must be submitted through the form available  www.bluepharma.pt/innovationaward.

As a requirement, the research work in the competition must have been partially or totally conducted in Portuguese institutions or abroad, by national and/or foreign professionals.

The award consists of a prize money of € 20.000 and is attributed according to evaluation criteria, which includes merit, originality, innovation and the contribution of the scientific projects with high potential for developing into products or services with real interest to society.

This aid may include an additional investment of 30 thousand euros once its marketability is proven.

Paulo Barradas Rebelo, Chairman of Bluepharma, believes that “this Award is one of the tools we use to implement, in a consistent manner, parts of our focus on open innovation and on translational research”. Furthermore: “In 2019 Bluepharma invested over 25 per cent of its turnover in Research and Development (R&D). Investment in R&D amounted to more than 15 million euros over the last three years. These figures eloquently illustrate the crucial importance that is awarded to this area in our business strategy, since we aspire to be always at the forefront of innovation in a sector as relevant for society as the pharmaceutical industry”.

The Vice-rector of the University of Coimbra in charge of the area of Innovation, Luís Simões da Silva, highlights further the importance of strategically aligning this initiative with the investment that the University of Coimbra has put into developing and aggregating quality critical mass in the Area of Health. “The path of collaboration of Bluepharma with the University of Coimbra is exemplary; together they have worked over the last two decades for promoting Research and Innovation”. He also finds that “The mission of the University of Coimbra is to promote Innovation with the whole community, supporting innovative projects that foster scientific development in the most diverse areas”.

The Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Innovation Award is attributed every two years to an innovative project in the Health Sciences area.