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Bluepharma foresees doubling production in the next five years

16.01.2020 in Bluepharma

In 2021, the "Parque Bluepharma" project will also be launched, which will be built in the former facilities of Poceram

In the next five years Bluepharma foresees the doubling of its production of generic drugs with the construction of two new plants in Coimbra.

The President of Bluepharma, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, explains, "We have an annual production of 28 million packages of medicinal products and within four or five years we will have over 50 million". The increase in production is dependent on the expansion of the current facilities of the pharmaceutical company located in São Martinho do Bispo, Coimbra, and the construction of a new unit in Eiras, in the same city, which will be completed in 2021, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.

In 2021, the "Bluepharma Park" project will also be launched, which will be built at Poceram's former facilities in Cernache, near Coimbra, recently acquired by the company.

With a total area of 6.5 hectares, which includes 35,000 square metres of covered area, it is "a very generous space where we can achieve our next growth, concentrating a large part of our units there."

The President of Bluepharma stresses that this is a 10-year project, aimed at "diversifying the pharmaceutical forms" the company produces.

He also points out, "We have been investing a lot in innovation, in these pharmaceutical forms, and, so, injectables will be the example of what we do not produce today and that we want to start producing".