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Bluepharma participates in the first Meeting of the Cycle of Events - Dynamics for Innovation at ANI

15.10.2019 in Bluepharma

The event took place on October 14, at the Pedro Nunes Institute, in Coimbra

Within the scope of the cycle of events “Dynamics for Innovation”, Bluepharma participated in the first meeting dedicated to the fields of Production Technologies and Process Industries, which was held on 14 October 2019 at the Pedro Nunes Institute.

The vice-president and Associate Professor with Aggregation at the School of Pharmacy of the University of Coimbra, Sérgio Simões, was speaker at the “Workshop on Knowledge Transfer", who explained the challenges that the pharmaceutical industry is facing in the transformation of its production processes, especially from the heavy regulation of the sector. "We are talking about an area that, in terms of compliance, is one of the most impacted. Monitoring and auditing are constant, so that the implementation of certain methodologies, in our particular case, ends up being more difficult and time consuming."

In the following months, the National Innovation Agency (ANI) organised the "Cycle of Events - Dynamics for Innovation", a set of initiatives on the Valorisation of Knowledge in various strategic areas and sectors of the national economy.