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Bluepharma Generics promotes the II Bluewave Meeting

27.11.2019 in Bluepharma

The event took place at the Hotel Lago Montargil & Villas, on October 26th and 27th

Over the past years, Bluepharma has been anticipating trends, creating opportunities and consolidating a brand that today is indispensable for Portuguese pharmacies.

Presenting itself to the market with a differentiating and strategic proposal, Bluepharma has proved it has the capacity for achievement, with energy and resilience in an increasingly competitive and difficult sector. Today, Bluepharma Genéricos has a differentiated and expanded portfolio of 105 pharmaceutical products - in the last year seven new molecules were launched in 24 presentations - and holds a set of international partnerships that allow it to export to 14 different territories.

The development of strategic partnerships has been one of our top priorities and will continue to be the key to the sustainability of our activity. Therefore, and to mark its 18 years of operations, Bluepharma Genéricos promoted the II Bluewave Meeting, which was held at the Hotel Lago Montargil & Villas, on October 26 and 27, 2019, and where partner pharmacies had the opportunity to socialise and strengthen their reciprocal commitment.

At the event, the President of the Bluepharma Group, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, had the opportunity to highlight that "Despite the permanent challenges, we want to point out that Bluepharma Genéricos is increasingly robust in the national market, growing far beyond it and better prepared to successfully face the challenges it faces in its development.”

The President of the Bluepharma Group also stressed that, "In a sector of high sensitivity and price volatility, it is very gratifying to confirm that we continue to increase our share in the domestic market. These results are the result of the commitment of everyone, partner pharmacies, the commercial team, and the management team, so we thank all those who contribute daily to this reality for their constant dedication and commitment."

In the coming times, which will be difficult as the economy recovers from the crisis caused by the current pandemic, the President of the Bluepharma Group leaves a message of hope. "We have an excellent opportunity to support the national economy and to help in the recovery of the country".

He also point out that, "It is up to each one to seek to fulfill his mission, to respond without selfishness and without fear to the challenge that we all have ahead of us. If everyone does their part, it will be easier to build up the hope in the future that we all want. A future that, I am sure, will be increasingly full of hope and confidence!".