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Bluepharma promotes SMED Wet Granulation workshop

20.02.2020 in Bluepharma

Bluelean, continuous improvement system based on Lean and 6-sigma methodologies applied to Bluepharma's reality.

In line with Bluepharma's strategic objectives, and in the continuity of the improvement work that has been carried out, the Bluelean team held two more workshops, WorkShop of Breakdowns and Microstoppages and OEE Measurement Workshop - Phase 1.

With the conclusion of these two additional initiatives, the Bluelean team was focused on developing work in the 40 daily team meetings (Daily Kaizen) and in the 5 active workshops focused on the themes of: SMED Packaging; SMED Wet Granulation; OEE Measurement (Phase 2-Automation); Rework on the packaging; Technical training in packaging operations.

The monitoring of these activities took place through Kamishibai audits of the Daily Kaizen Meetings by the administration and internal auditors, and a continuous exposition of results to the administration through steering meetings with management and project leaders every 3 weeks.

It should also be noted that the ongoing continuous improvement work involved 12 different departments and 58 people in workshops, and the rest of the organisation is committed to improving routine processes through the daily management of its team meetings.