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Bluelean - X Matrix Review Event

21.02.2020 in Bluepharma

The activity, with a high strategic impact, took place on February 20.

On February 20, 2020, the Hoshin Kanri X Matrices Review event took place, which, with eyes fixed on the medium-term objectives set by the administration, clarifies for the various sectors the 2020 strategy for continuous improvement. All sectors of this organization were represented at this meeting by 25 employees of the Bluepharma Indústria Farmacêutica SA Team, under the advice of the Kaizen Institute, with the Bluelean team and with the relevant contribution of the Administration.

The Hoshin Kanri X Matrix corresponds to a Lean management tool that seeks to ensure the execution of the business strategy throughout the hierarchy, and this event is characterised by the definition of critical initiatives for the various internal teams, based on an analysis of the activities of 2019 and a set of references corresponding to an overview, broken down through the various X Matrices of the different departments.

This activity of high strategic impact and relevance in the direction of continuous improvement at Bluepharma, promoted by the Bluelean team, resulted in 3 dozen priority initiatives related to the 16 main sectors that constitute the newly restructured organisation chart of this organisation. This action took place under consulting from the Kaizen Institute which sought, together with the internal improvement team of Bluepharma (Bluelean), to ensure alignment with the good practices of this methodology, which is currently regarded as very relevant by various organisations in the national and international landscape.

Bluelean appeared in 2018, from the partnership between Bluepharma and the Kaizen Institute, a system for continuous improvement based on Lean and 6-sigma methodologies applied to the Bluepharma reality.