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New Bluepharma plant completed at the end of 2021

04.09.2020 in Bluepharma

The future is now!

Bluepharma has a strategic plan for its growth, called "Bluepharma Acelera 2030".

This project is designed to create a new industrial plant in Eiras for the production of medicinal products that incorporate High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI), as well as the alteration and digital transformation of the techniques and production processes for medicinal products of both establishments.

Bluepharma Acelera 2030 allows Bluepharma to internalise the results of the in-house R&D activities through the commercial production of products that are more complex, sophisticated, and with a greater level of innovation, to promote the replacement of paper with digital tools of information and encourage the increase of its exports.

The most relevant technological innovations are associated with the software and hardware specifically developed for the pharmaceutical sector, and with the connectivity between machines and systems, specifically through sensors and other information technology systems for the automatic and secure exchange of information, and with the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment that not only enables greater control and efficiency, but also the alteration of the production process to a more digital and autonomous mode.

The use of the latest generation of technology seeks to implement a culture of zero defects, virtualise the product throughout all the production stages, and eliminate the tasks for transcribing data, improving the compliance and integrity of the data.

This investment allows Bluepharma to diversify its business with the entrance into new markets and customer segments, in this way contributing to the reinforcement of the domestic pharmaceutical sector.

The Project also contributes to the increase in national exports, projecting that Bluepharma will reach an export intensity of 90% in 2024.

Bluepharma Acelera 2030 has significant knock-on effects on the economic activity, and in 2024, it is estimated that about 40% of the purchases and 60% of the supplies and external services contracted for by Bluepharma will originate in Portugal, which represents a growth in purchases and Supplies and External Services in the domestic market greater than 50% during the course of the investment.

This investment has a significant impact on the increase in employment and competitiveness of the Central Region and the country, through the creation of 100 direct jobs, most of which are highly qualified.

Through the implementation of technologies of the latest generation, the Project drives energy efficiency.