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Bluepharma participates in the Supply Chain Magazine Digital Conference

03.06.2020 in Bluepharma

Bluepharma's President, Dr. Paulo Barradas Rebelo, was part of the debate panel that took place on June 2nd.

"Building the Supply Chain of the Future" was the background theme of the SCM Digital Conference that brought together, online, on 2 and 3 June 2020, speakers and professionals of excellence who presented their personal vision and a professional look at what is happening in each other's organizations and the projects with which they gradually build the future of their companies' supply chains.

The President of Bluepharma, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, was part of the panel discussion that took place on June 2, with the theme "Growing and learning from Covid-19: what lessons and teachings for the management of supply chains?", where content related to innovation and technology for the future was addressed. In attendance were Mauro Cardoso, Managing Director of Monliz, and Hélder Guerreiro, Industrial Managing Director of Sofarimex, moderated by Gonçalo Botelho de Sousa, Senior Manager of Capgemini.

The purpose of this panel was to understand what important lessons can be taken from what the pandemic has taught companies, but first, the moderator questioned the speakers about how they adapted to these early times.

The President of Bluepharma highlighted the unpredictability with which the pandemic arrived and upended all the projected planning. Paulo Barradas Rebelo commented, "It is a very unfair pandemic," because half of its employees had to adapt to telework, but that thanks to the efforts of all, they still managed to increase productivity. "While our leaders went on television and appealed for people to 'stay at home', I appealed all this time to 'come to work'", because they were in a sector considered essential, that of health.

"The day we stop having medicines in pharmacies, that we stop having food in supermarkets and that we stop having doctors in hospitals, then we all go home" said Paulo Barradas Rebelo.

"We learned that we have to be humble, and we learned about our weaknesses, and how suddenly everything can fall apart or be transformed", explained the President of Bluepharma, adding that, at the same time, it also taught us to know our suppliers and customers better. "Cooperation, at the moment, is a theme that must increasingly be on the table", and to it is added the learning about the values of the environment.