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Ranking of the largest companies in the district

06.12.2011 in Revista C | Diário de Coimbra | As Beiras

Bluepharma leads economic growth in its region

Bluepharma is one of the highest growing companies, according to data of 2010, thus having achieved the third place in absolute values ??and the first place among the various chemical/pharmaceutical operating in the region.

Among its areas of activity, R&D has established itself as a strategic area of Bluepharma’s competitiveness. By betting in innovation, Bluepharma increases its potential market and ensures the growth and development of industrial activity for generics’ marketing.

In this context, Bluepharma’s investment in R&D has been increasingly higher. The consolidated turnover has been increasing, reaching 17.96 million euros in 2010, an increase of 54.8% compared to the previous year.

Paulo Barradas, Bluepharma’s chairman, explains that "in these difficult times for companies, one must manage with great assertiveness, always trying to do more with less. It is also necessary to explain to employees the objectives in mind, make room for innovation and seek new markets. Despite all, we must never forget that we live in a world of great opportunities."