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Bluepharma honored by Coimbra’s Municipality

06.01.2012 in Bluepharma

To mark the distinction granted to Bluepharma, the company will be honored at a ceremony to be held on January 6th in Coimbra’s City Hall.

In honoring of receiving the status of PME Excelência 2011 (National Award for Small and Medium Entreprises), Bluepharma will be honored by Coimbra Municipality, along with other companies in the county. The tribute ceremony will take place on January 6, at 4 pm, in the Main Hall of the City Hall. This important recognition reinforces the status of Bluepharma as leading company in its region.

This prize was created to reward Portuguese SMEs that illustrate the quality of their economic and financial performance and to recognize organizations that have successfully maintained high competitive standards, by focusing on innovation and internationalization strategies while actively contributing to the social and economic development both at a regional and at a national level.

This recognition complies with demanding criteria supported by the financial statements of the companies and includes their financial autonomy levels, the growth in turnover and return on equity capital and total assets.

On its 10th Anniversary Bluepharma is presently one of the leading pharmaceutical companies investing in Research & Development, according to data released this year by the Ministry of Education and Science.