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Bluepharma obtains RDI certification

23.05.2012 in Bluepharma

Following the audit conducted by APCER on 17 and 18 May, Bluepharma obtained its certification in RDI - Research, Development and Innovation, according to NP-4457.

Defining Innovation as a mechanism that generates wealth, Portuguese Norm 4457 was implemented to improve the management of knowledge and of research and development activities, whilst recognizing the organizations focused on their continuous improvement.

It is based on a model of innovation, supported by interfaces and interactions between scientific and technological knowledge, knowledge about the organization and its functioning, and the market or society in general.

More than Bluepharma’s investment in research and innovation, this certification rewards, embodies and gives visibility to an intrinsic culture within the organization, patent in the exchange of knowledge, in the encouragement of creativity and in the efficiency of the dialog between scientific knowledge, knowledge of the market and knowledge about the organization itself.

It is an extremely important recognition of the values of the organization, its modus faciendi, the merits of the processes and principles of management and the efficiency of their procedures, which all factor into the company’s differentiation and competitiveness.