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Bluepharma recruits 80 new employees

30.11.2012 in Expresso

As a result of its rapid growth, especially in the international market, Bluepharma is currently recruiting 80 new employees for all areas of the company.

The company is now one of the largest national exporters of medicines. About 75% of its production is destined for the export market. A market that is growing and that is forcing the company to strengthen its human resources’ structure.

Bluepharma is the third national pharmaceutical that invests the most in R & D, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company has concentrated its efforts on emerging areas related to biotechnology, developing a number of projects in partnership with international R&D centers.

But recruiting covers not only R&D necessities but also the other areas of the company.In vacancies now open, there are also opportunities in the production, packaging and quality control areas. "Despite the economic environment, Bluepharma has increased its turnover and, consequently, the need for human resources," explains Paulo Rebelo Barradas adding that "the recruitment processes directly result from the increase in exports"Bluepharma currently employs 244.

On average the company recruits ten employees each year, with the exception of 2011, when, acting against cycle, the company hired 38 new elements and this year 68 reinforcements are expected. The profiles are generally always connected to the pharmaceutical industry. The company gives priority to graduates with training in engineering (various branches), Health Sciences, and especially in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry and Biochemistry. Apart from training, the CEO explains, "we favor one year professional experience in the area, computer knowledge, good knowledge of English and preferably knowledge of SAP."

Currently, the percentage of company employees with higher education exceeds fifty percent, but among the requirements that the company asks from whomever wants to join their team are also "a strong entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and rigor," says Paulo Rebelo Barradas, who is keen to strengthen that "quality is one of the pillars of Bluepharma and its team has to be a reflection of it."

The company invests heavily in training new talent, allowing them a first contact with the business environment. About 23% of the workers were recruited first as interns. "It should be noted that the company has a responsible policy when it comes to offering internships, during which both the candidate and the company will be able to assess whether mutual are fulfilled, usually resulting in the admission of 90% trainees, "explains the CEO.