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Bluepharma wins innovation award

30.11.2012 in Bluepharma

The award announced by the President of Portugal aims to distinguish companies that stand out in terms of innovation, competitiveness and cooperation.

Bluepharma received the SME Innovation Award COTEC-BPI 2012, assigned by the President, Aníbal Cavaco Silva. This award aims to highlight Small and Medium Enterprises who are examples in terms of innovation.For this distinction several factors were taken into account, including the recognition of organizational values of quality, innovation, internationalization and investment.

Also taken into consideration for this award were the management systems implemented that promote the improvement of the level of innovative performance in products, processes, organization and marketing. The company’s stimuli to the creativity of all employees as well as the dissemination of innovative activity at all levels of the SME, complemented with efficient management of the technological, market and organizational interfaces were factored in. 

COTEC's mission is to promote increased competitiveness of companies located in Portugal, through the development and dissemination of a culture and practice of innovation and knowledge. Above all it is a prize that brings recognition due to the weight COTEC  carries in the Portuguese society and economy, thus instigating Bluepharma’s continuous growth effort.