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On time, Bluepharma fosters growth in Portugal

09.07.2015 in Bluepharma|Portal VER

As “good accounts make good companies”, Bluepharma has joined the Timely Payment Commitment and promotes an on time payment culture.

Against «the lack of a national culture of “payment to suppliers within the agreed time”» the Portuguese entrepreneurial, business and innovation associations ACEGE, IAPMEI and CIP launched the Timely Payment Commitment to Suppliers to change this reality.

Bluepharma undertakes this commitment and promotes the initiative in the name of good business practices. At the service of Innovation and the country, the company also assumes that these «good management practices should be implemented to foster both the growth of companies» and Portugal.

According to ACEGE, «75% of the Portuguese companies reported having problems with late payment. This results, in general terms, in an annual loss of 14,000 jobs and of about 600 million euros of generation of wealth».

In line with its mission, Bluepharma seeks to reconcile the aspects of economic sustainability and social responsibility, supported by a culture of ethical values and social justice.

«The Timely Payment Commitment makes a difference and shapes the culture of a company. By fulfilling payment obligations, we are also fulfilling our social responsibility», states Paulo Barradas.