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Dedicated to Bluepharma employees

29.09.2015 in Bluepharma

The company’s canteen, a new building at the head office, has now come into operation.

On September 22th, Bluepharma opened a new space at its headquarters, in São Martinho do Bispo. Bluepharma's employees have now access to their canteen, which also aims to be «a space of fellowship», says Paulo Barradas Rebelo.

«It was a much needed project for a modern and innovative company», continues the CEO. Paulo Barradas Rebelo emphasizes that this is a building «dedicated by the management to the most important asset we have in Bluepharma, PEOPLE».

«With eyes set on the future», complying with its investment, innovation and internationalization strategy, the group respects its social responsibility, a voluntary commitment assumed by Bluepharma, as well as by its employees, and towards them.