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Bluepharma invests more than 15 million in research

03.08.2016 in Bluepharma

The company has invested annually 20 percent of its turnover in research

The Bluepharma Group invested more than 15 million euros in research and development (R&D) over the past three years. This investment is evidenced by the company’s data and the last official data of the General Directorate of Statistics for Education and Science (DGEEC), which states that in 2013 Bluepharma invested more than five million euros in R&D.

These figures demonstrate the commitment of Bluepharma to R&D, which has been strengthened over time with the creation of jobs and partnerships, as well as new projects with companies linked to research.

"The continued investment in R&D is key to our strategy for growth sustained by the export of medicines to the most demanding markets of the world such as the US and most European countries. In fact, in 2015, the export rate reached 85%. Over the past three years, Bluepharma has invested annually 20 percent of its turnover in research and development, a figure that shows the group's commitment to be at the forefront of innovation, "says Paulo Barradas Rebelo, president of the Bluepharma Group.

"We have focused our research efforts in nanotechnology, oncology and biotechnology, areas where we have developed several projects in partnership with companies and national and international R&D centers of reference" he adds.

"Concurrently we have conducted various activities of development of pharmaceutical formulations, analytical methods and manufacturing processes, as well as stability and scale-up studies with the aim of creating new generic medicines to address challenging therapeutic areas such as oncology," concludes the group's president.

Comprised by 20 companies, seven of which are international and two are technology-based spin-offs of the University of Coimbra dedicated to the research of new therapeutic solutions in cancer area - Luzitin and Treat U, the Bluepharma Group considers research and development critical for its internationalization strategy.