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Treat U participates at the Web Summit Lisbon

02.11.2016 in Bluepharma

Treat U, is Bluepharma Group company, and was one of the 67 startups selected.

Treat U, is a Bluepharma Group company, and was one of the 67 startups that won the Road2WebSummit contest launched by the Portugal government in Startup program to represent Portugal at the Web Summit.

The Web Summit is one of the biggest technology events, where are revealed trends and innovative projects. The conference is held this year in Lisbon, from 7 to 10 November.

TREAT U is a biotechnology company, founded in 2010, dedicated to the development of targeted therapies for clinically unexplored targets identified in subtypes of cancers that represent unmet medical needs. The leading product is a proprietary nanotechnology-based drug delivery platform, called PEGASEMPTM, with specificity towards tumors overexpressing nucleolin. One of these tumors is the triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), in which nucleolin has not been yet considered for targeting.

PEGASEMPTM will create new opportunities in personalized medicine, with impact on the quality and life expectancy of patients. It will also contribute to add scientific knowledge in the manufacturing process of complex nanomedicines and add new value to the Pharmaceutical Market.