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Bluepharma launches the Third Pharmacopeia of a collection of ten

09.12.2016 in Bluepharma

In the year celebrating the 15th anniversary

In the São Pedro room on 12 December 2016, Bluepharma launched the facsimile edition of Pharmacopêa Portugueza made from an original copy in the University Library collection.

“In 2016, the 140th anniversary of the Pharmacopêa Portugueza, Bluepharma is also celebrating 15 years of existence. We therefore felt that republishing this book that was so important in its time was a suitable way to celebrate the anniversary of a company like Bluepharma, which respects the past, is proud of the present and has its eyes on the future”, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, the Chairman of Bluepharma, explains. This is the third pharmacopoeia of a set of ten that Bluepharma is proud to publish, annually, in partnership with the General Library of Coimbra University and the Coimbra University Press, following remarkable research work conducted by Doctor Rui Pita.

The book in question is the third official pharmacopoeia of our country and is a landmark of the history of pharmacy in Portugal. Bluepharma also aspires to earn a place in history on its own merit, as one of the industry's most dynamic companies, although it has existed for only a decade and a half.

The presentation of the new pharmacopoeia was made by João Rui Pita, professor at the University of Coimbra’s Faculty of Pharmacy, at a ceremony attended by Paulo Barradas Rebelo, Chairman of Bluepharma, Isolina Mesquista and Miguel Silvestre, Directors of Bluepharma, João Gabriel Silva, Dean of the University of Coimbra, José Augusto Bernardes, Director of the General Library and Delfim Ferreira Leão, Director of the Coimbra University Press.