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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

10.12.2017 in Bluepharma

These are the wishes from the board and all the employees of Bluepharma Group.

Since its beginning, Bluepharma has upheld genuine concerns about sustainable development.

With the current various threats - consequences of the ecological devastation and imbalance, of the financial crisis and the huge social inequalities - sustainability is now more than ever a responsibility of us all.

With this in mind, Bluepharma Group has developed an internal program called Bluelinks. This program seeks to integrate Bluepharma’s social, economic and environmental objectives by structuring and streamlining the various actions and initiatives promoted by the group.

This Christmas, as a part of our policy for sustainability, and within the framework of Bluelinks, Bluepharma decided to create the Somos Solidários (We Stand As One) project, which aims to support the victims of the most recent fires in Portugal, first in Pedrógão Grande, in June, and more recently, in October, in several districts of the country, namely "our" Central Region which was dramatically affected.

Within this project, until the end of 2018, several actions will be carried out, one of the first initiatives being a solidary collection and delivery that will take place, internally, before Christmas.

Still in the context of the Somos Solidários (We Stand As One) project, and because the holiday season should spread and influence positively all the entities that involve and contribute to local, regional and national development, Bluepharma reinforces, once again, planting of autochthonous species of trees.

Bluepharma in association with Quercus offers on the behalf of each of its employees and their families 500 trees to be planted in one of the burned areas in the municipality of Arganil, one of the most affected by the fires.

We are certain that these actions of solidarity will merit the agreement of our Clients and our Friends, to whom we wish much happiness in this very special season.

In 2018, Bluepharma Group will continue to effectively support the development of the Central Region, create better living conditions for its inhabitants, and support initiatives in a variety of areas, ranging from education to culture, through social support and environmental protection.

We want to contribute to give more hope to the future.