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Bluepharma grants 50 thousand euros to an innovative project in health area

15.01.2018 in Bluepharma

Applications for the Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Innovation Award open until March 2, 2018

Bluepharma once again associated with the University of Coimbra in order to distinguish excellence scientific research at an international level. The applications for the Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Innovation Award are already open. The international prize, worth of 20 thousand euros, aims to distinguish the best scientific projects developed in the area of Health Sciences. This funding may be converted into an additional investment of 30 thousand euros, once proven its market viability.

The projects must be carried out, in whole or in part, by Portuguese researchers in national or foreign institutions.

The award has the following criteria: merit, originality, innovation and scientific projects with high potential for transformation into products or services, with real interest for society.

The applications are open until March 2 and must be submitted through the form available at or on the website of the University of Coimbra.

For the President of Bluepharma, Paulo Barradas Rebelo, "this Award is one of the instruments with which we consequentially put into practice some aspects of our commitment to open innovation and translational research." Paulo Barradas also added "In 2017 Bluepharma invested around 25 percent of turnover in Research and Development (R&D). Over the last three years, investment in R&D amounted to more than 15 million euros. These figures demonstrate the essential importance of this area in our business strategy, as we aim to always be at the forefront of innovation in a sector as relevant to society as the pharmaceutical industry."

The Vice-Rector of the University of Coimbra responsible for research and innovation, Amílcar Falcão, also reinforces the importance of the strategic alignment of this initiative with the investment that the University of Coimbra has made in creating and clustering a quality critical mass in Health Area. "It is legitimate to say that Bluepharma and the University of Coimbra have made a representative journey of collaboration towards success and fulfillment of our missions. Our paths intersect in such a way that it seems difficult to tell the story of the last two decades of Bluepharma without mentioning the University of Coimbra and vice versa. I am therefore convinced that this partnership might lead to a case study of international reference". Amilcar Falcão added that "Coimbra has been increasingly acknowledged as a beacon of excellence in health area through a growing involvement in international networks of reference in the area of research and innovation. This effort has been recognized internationally and, just to mention two examples, Coimbra was considered by the European Commission as a reference city for health and active ageing and will organize, in April 2018, the World Health Summit within the context of our involvement in the M8 Alliance. "

The Bluepharma | University of Coimbra Innovation Award, is awarded every two years to an innovative project in the area of Health Sciences. The winner will be announced in May 2018.