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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

03.12.2018 in Bluepharma

These are the wishes from the board and all the employees of Bluepharma Group

Bluepharma, once again, associates with the Coimbra delegation of CASA - Centro de Apoio ao Sem Abrigo (Homeless Support Center), which has been working in Coimbra since 2008.

This initiative is part of our sustainability policy and the social commitment of our Bluelinks program, which aims to integrate the social, economic and environmental objectives of Bluepharma Group by structuring and fostering various actions and initiatives promoted by the program.

This Christmas Bluepharma proudly contributes to give a little more dignity to those who lack it. Therefore, we will gather on December 24 our employees and CASA volunteers at the Bluepharma canteen to prepare the Christmas supper for more than a hundred homeless people from Coimbra.

On the behalf of each of our employees and their families, a fund was also allocated to purchase the food for this Christmas Supper, to give the homeless a small Christmas gift and to contribute to about one hundred Christmas hampers to be delivered to poor families in Coimbra.

CASA supports more than 7,000 homeless people and over 1,600 people from poor families. Annually, CASA delivers more than 280 thousand meals and 53 thousand hampers.

The CASA Coimbra delegation, through the “Bolsa de Amigos”, also supports the integration of people who have requested humanitarian or political asylum, as well as victims of ethnic persecution in their countries and war refugees, by bringing food and hope, but also the Portuguese culture and language.

We are certain that these solidarity actions will merit the agreement of our Clients and our Friends, to whom we wish much happiness in this very special season.

In 2019, the Bluepharma Group will continue to contribute effectively to the development of the Central Region of Portugal and to creating better living conditions for its inhabitants by supporting initiatives in a variety of areas - from education to culture, through social and environmental protection.

Sustainability is now, more than ever, a responsibility of us all!

Bluepharma Group will continue to work enthusiastically to give more hope to the future.