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New talents integrate Bluepharma

23.03.2018 in Bluepharma

The Bluepharma Group today has more than 500 highly skilled employees

In the first half of 2018, Bluepharma Indústria Farmacêutica hired more than one hundred experts with the objective of reinforcing a number of fundamental strategic areas for the company's growth and development.

The recruitment process intended to integrate new talents in areas as diverse as manufacturing, packaging, quality control, analytic & galenic development.

The reinforcement of Bluepharma's teams aims to respond to new challenges posed by the rapid and substantial growth of its activity worldwide, giving the company the necessary capacity to develop and implement a number of new projects and investments.

The Bluepharma Group today has more than 500 highly skilled employees, of which 64% are graduates or with higher academic degrees. Every year it welcomes dozens of interns/scholarship holders and promotes various masters and doctoral projects within the company.

As a result of the 25% Investment of its annual turnover in R&D, and in pursuing its growth strategy, Bluepharma reconverted and expanded its Research and Development Centre.

Over the past two years the company hired more than 200 employees that reinforced the various specialities of the R&D area, crucial to Bluepharma's development strategy.

This has been the path treated over the past 17 years after the purchase of the manufacturing unit from Bayer in Portugal, with an increase in invoicing, rising from "EUR 3.2 million in 2001 to a consolidated figure that already exceeds EUR 37 million in 2017" as stated by Paulo Barradas Rebelo, adding that “In this period, we continued to evolve. Based on the investment, which since the beginning, already amounted to EUR 40 million. Based on innovation, today we have a portfolio that allows us to have confidence in the future. Based on internationalisation, we rely on a global network of partners, and exports are the key destination of our products and services."