In virtue of a unique driving force and a significant investment effort, Bluepharma has created a new Research and Development department (R&D), which positions itself nowadays as one of the most prolific in the country.

Bluepharma has been concentrating its research efforts on emerging areas, namely nanotechnology, oncology and biotechnology, where it has developed a set of partnerships with other national and international companies and R&D centers (e.g. University of Coimbra, University of Minho, University of Porto, AIBILI, INETI, ITN; University of Barcelona and Pacific University, just to name a few).

Bluepharma holds 10% of the biotechnological research company Technophage, having been involved in the launch of two new spin-off companies of a technological base, which are devoted to the research on new therapeutic solutions for the treatment of cancer – Luzitin and Treat U.

Bluepharma's strong investment in R&D was recognized by the National Ranking for Scientific and Technologic Potential, promoted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which places it in 2nd place among all pharmaceutical companies and in 15th place overall among the 100 Portuguese companies in terms of their business volume's proportional investment effort in R&D.

Aside from its innovative research activities, Bluepharma also conducts extensive activity around the development of pharmaceutical formulations, analytical methods and production processes, as well as stability and scale-up studies. These activities aim at the development of new generic medicines. The company established several partnership deals with multinational companies upon setting the development of generic medicines for the global market as a goal, with particular emphasis on the European and American markets.