Capsule Filling

Bluepharma has two ZANASI and 1 BOSCH capsule filling machines, which ensure the dosing / filling of hard gelatin capsules with powders, pellets, liquids or micro-tablets. Dosing units are assembled to exactly dose powders or pellets of each product rotating bowl, through a compression or vacuum process, allowing a versatile and exact filling process in empty gelatin capsules. During this stage, several IPC (in-process-controls) are performed, in order to assure the final quality required for each product.

  • ZANASI 40E with a maximum output of approx. 40000 caps./hour;
  • ZANASI PLUS 85E with a maximum output of approx. 85000 caps./hour.
  • BOSCH GKF 2500 with a maximum output of approx. 150000 caps/hour