Quality Control

Fully equipped Physico-chemical and Microbiology lab prepared to perform the required quality control. Bluepharma conducts tests to assess drug bioavailability and stability, closely reproducing what occurs in the human body.

High Qualified Staff for Analysis of Active Substances and Excipients

  • In-house and pharmacopeial methods application

High Qualified Staff for Analysis of Drug Products

  • Latest analytical technology usage

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

  • Shimadzu 2010C HT
  • Shimadzu UFLC Proeminence
  • Waters Alliance
  • UPLC Waters Acquity


  • EHRET Biosafe 2
  • Telstar ASH-100
  • Zeiss-1 Microscope
  • RCS Biotest Hycon Plus

Gas Chromatography with Headspace

  • Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 and 580
  • Agilent Technologie 7820A

Total Organic Carbon

  • Shimadzu TOC–V CPH

Dissolution equipment

  • Varian VK 7025
  • Agilent Technologie 708-DS
  • Erweka DT 820

Other Equipment

  • FTIR - Perkin Elmer Paragon
  • NIR-VIS - Bühler FT-NIR
  • Karl-Fischer Metrohm